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residential ARCHITECTURE

At Michael V. Testa Architect we help individual homeowners and home builders create specialty designs for single and multi-family homes.

We’re here for private homeowners when they’re looking to design their dream homes and investors and developers who want to build functional, stunning, and welcoming homes for their clients.

From pre-design and program management to architectural design and construction administration we help you move your project from idea to completion in a streamlined, supported manner. We’ll even help to manage and coordinate with outside consultants and agencies, address necessary stakeholders, community organizations, and other boards for approval of your project, and facilitate budget development, energy compliance, and development of applicable documentation for bids or permits.

Our process involves active collaboration with clients and coordination across our entire team to ensure personalized, cost-effective outcomes. The result is an unforgettable experience and great value for those we serve.

Our residential architecture services focus on two core areas of practice: multi-family and single-family homes and developments.

Townhome and Condominium Projects Multi-Family

Michael V Testa Architect helps our clients bring their multiunit and multifamily projects to fruition by combining our expertise and industry experience with a team-driven approach to getting the project done right. We know multi-family homes have a myriad of considerations to contend with including accessibility regulations, energy efficiency standards, functionality needs, and visual design specifications.

So, from individual townhome communities to multistory apartments, we’re dedicated to helping residential clients create multifamily residential spaces that are both practical and beautiful.

Custom Single  Family Homes

There’s really nothing quite like designing or renovating your new home. And whether you’re building the family home of your dreams or a rental property you’ll use as an investment, our team is here to help.

We’re skillful in addressing a variety of projects from additions and alterations to existing residential buildings to community build-outs. Building design gives us a canvas to paint on and the materials and systems within your building (from plumbing to electrical) are driven by your goals and applicable building code.


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