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At Michael V. Testa Architect, we have the experience and expertise to help make your next commercial project a success. We actively coordinate with your team, (and where necessary other contractors or project stakeholders) to make sure your vision becomes a reality.

And because we have over two decades of experience, we know your space needs to do far more than just look stunning. It also needs to meet technical, functional, and regulatory standards.

That’s why, whenever we take on a commercial architecture project, part of our process is to facilitate compliance with applicable fire, health, safety, and building code regulations. And if energy efficiency is part of your goal, we can help to support that part of your project as well.

Our team has experience with a variety of different types of architectural projects and so each space we design is creatively tailored to your unique needs.

What sets our firm apart from even our larger competitors is our dynamic, cooperative team-based approach. Our whole team works dynamically and collaboratively with one another across projects, each design and specification we prepare, for projects big and small, receive the highest level of attention to detail and creativity.

Some of the commercial projects we’ve assisted clients with include:

  • Small and Large Business Office
  • Renovation Projects
  • New Office Buildings
  • Banks
  • Municipal Building Design
  • Sports Complexes and Concession Stands
  • Recreation Centers
  • Outdoor Pavilions and Restrooms
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Stress Care Facilities
  • Daycare and Adult Daycare Facilities
  • Dental Offices

When our process begins, we’ll connect with you to determine your goals and budget, the functions the space will need to serve, and any other objectives you have for the space, whether functional or stylistic.

We then develop your design plan and connect with you at each step in the process to ensure your vision is maintained. And you’ll always receive individual attention and your project will be tended to by an entire team of dedicated professionals.

To connect with an architecture design firm that will help you create your next commercial space, connect with our team here.

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